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Pink Topaz: The Pink Glow

Pink Topaz:

- Did you know?

Many consumers know topaz as simply an inexpensive blue gem. They’re surprised to learn that its blue color is hardly ever natural: It’s almost always caused by treatment. They might also be surprised to know that topaz has so many more colors to offer gem lovers, including pinks and purples that rival the finest fancy sapphires.

- Durability & Origin

  • With a Mohs hardness of 8, topazes have great resistance to scratching. They can also take a high polish, perfect for a spectacular ring stone. These qualities, combined with its diverse range of colors as well as prices, make them excellent choices for jewelry.

  • Topaz can be found in Brazil, Australia, Mexique, Russia.

- The Pink Color

Jewelry enthusiasts love pink or rose topaz, since it may resemble pink diamond or pink sapphire but generally at a fraction of their price. Other pink stone option can be moranite but they also will be more expensive on the market.

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