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A Jewelry Cruise

Two fleeing lines that meet in the palm of your hand. Choose the gemstone of your choice. 

Aquamarine  |   Yellow Gold 18K  |  555$

Size 53(FR)  /  6,5 (US)  In Stock


You   |  Me  |  Us

Founder of Generation C this collection is a tribute to Adana Mam Legros, a brilliant women Artist & Activist. 

This Trio gemstones in Line illustrate duality, complementarity but also difference and richness. Because all this gems are unique even if they have the same name they have their own single stories. 

Blue Zircon | Gold 14k | 410$

Bangle in white gold and yellow gold in Stock

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LOCKDOWN 2021102.jpg


"Little flower"

It is a wink to resplendent and always blooming friend. Xiao Hua means small flower in Chinese; her nickname since she is a kid. This collection represents Cambodia with its 3 differents stones from 3 different provinces!

Topaz  | Sapphire  | Zircon  Gold 14K |  270$

Earring available in 3 colors  


Combination of Human and Nature

This Jewels are the perfect match between the Nature and earth creation and the work of Human. By associating Rough Gems and sparkle one you wear a bit of the world story at your finger.

Rough & sparkle Blue Zircon  | Gold 14K 

Price on demand according to the stones and gold Title you choose



All unique and natural  | like you

All my gemstones are selected one by one and buy directly to the extraction site or to families I trust in Phnom Penh.

Price on demand

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A Princess Soul

This collection illustrates the heart, soul and history of Cambodian's art. In tribute to the beloved Princess Bopha Devi, this collection evokes in the same time the top of the wooden house &  the crown of the Apsara dancers. 

The triangle gold adornment highlight the stones let it shine even more.

White Zircon 4mm | Yellow Gold 18k  | 330$

Size 51 (FR) or 5,5 (US) in stock