Why Cambodia ?

Always embrace oportunities

I should come in Cambodia for a year and come back to Paris. Sometime changing the plan is the best plan! 

I arrived in Cambodia in 2014 to create the jewelry department of Artisans d'Angkor company based in Siem Reap. I trained the team, design the collections and implement this new unit in the general organization of the company. After 3 years I left the company and let behind a strong team able to continue without be. From there, I worked for Morganne Bello in Paris as a freelance for 2 years and travelled between South East Asia principally Bangkok, Jaipur and Ho Chi Minh, but also Laos an Iran! In the same time I wanted to know better the world of gemstones and take the courses at ING Paris to become a gemologist.


I came back to Siem Reap and worked as a gemologist at the Gemological Institute of Cambodia for almost a year. Love and new challenge bring me finally to Phnom Penh in December 2019 to start a new life and doing my own creations.


My Goals

Valorized local skills & gems

Deeply attached to this country I value local production, handmade jewelry, and ONLY real Gemstones. My creations are minimalist and elegant and my goal is to create pieces of jewelry that fit your style and your personality.  You will rarely see diamond in my showroom because it is an industry that I don't trust and don't embrace my values.

Our gemstones come from few families that I trust and who are specialized in one type of gemstones. You should know that in Cambodia, we can found Topaz, Aquamarine, Amethyst, Citrine, Zircons, Corundum, Jasper and more...

You will not find 2 gemstones in my showroom with identical cut, shape or hue because the gem cutter cuts them one by one to get the most of it. 

We produce few stock of each design because I believe that YOU are UNIQUE like your Jewelry and not more than 3 people should wear the same ring as you! 

Be Brilliant Be Unique Be You



Because I love teaching and sharing

Teaching and sharing my passion for jewelry always have been very important for me.

I am running Gemology workshop every month at my showroom and can also do private workshop on demand at my place or at your place (ask for a quote). For 2,5 hours I will embark you in my wonderland to discover the gemstones of Cambodia.

You will learn which stone is hidden in Ratanakiri, Mondulkiri, Takeo, Kampong Thom and of course Pailin! I will also introduce you to the biggest trap and fake stones that you can find in the local market.

I also propose shorter activities like DIY bracelet workshop (learn how to create you thread bracelet) while discovering Cambodian Gems. Duration is 1 hour and you go back with your creation. 

Painting workshop is 4 classes of painting, 2 hours each to learn the basics of painting gold and gemstones.