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Citrine: The Sun's Power

Citrine is the Birthstone of November

Citrine is the yellow and orange variety of the mineral quartz, which means that all yellow and orange quartz specimens are referred to as Citrine. Its name comes from a french word "citron" which means Lemon in relation with its color.

Citrine gets its color from the presence of small amounts of iron.

The bright, warm colors of citrine are believed to symbolize feelings of joy and happiness. Citrine is believed to bring happiness and abundance to the wearer, as the gem radiates bright, warm energy like the sun.

Citrine is a 7 on the Mohs scale, which makes it durable for fine jewelry.

It is softer than sapphire or diamond, but hard enough for everyday wear if cared for properly.In Cambodia we can find Citrine from Preah Vihear and Kompong Thom province. Some elders in Kampong cham province says we use to find some in the area of Tbong Toeuk Kmum village. Tbong Toeuk Kmum mean the stone with honey color in khmer but today no trace of citrine has been found so far in this area.

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